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Tax Compliance

Income Tax [IT]

Preparation of year end accounts and filing the annual tax return.

Payroll Taxes

Providing real-time reporting, ensuring payroll is submitted in accordance with Revenue guidelines.

Value Added Tax [VAT]

Preparation and filing of VAT returns including the year end return [RTD].

Subcontractor Tax[RCT]

Relevant contracts tax for both Principal contractors and Subcontractors.

Tax Planning & Advice

Capital Gains Tax [CGT]

Preparation of capital gains computation ensuring any reliefs you are entitled to are claimed.

Capital Acquisitions Tax [CAT](gift/inheritance)

Advice on the various reliefs and exemptions available when you receive a gift or inheritance.

Succession Planning

A review of your personal circumstances, taking into consideration the tax implications of transferring your assets to the next generation.

Rental Income


Registering a tenancy with the Tenancy Board.

Income & Expenditure Account

Preparing an income and expenditure account.

Company Formation

Financial Planning

Business Loan Applications

Revenue Audit Support

Preparation of all necessary documentation for Revenue and arranging for the audit to be carried out at our premises.